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We are started our ropvatika in the years 2013, are one of the trusted Manufacturer & Wholesaler in seedling of all types of Plants. In our offered products range, We have all vegetable seedling,Fruit Plants, Palm Trees plants, Flowering Plants, Garden Plant, Avenue Plants, Outdoor Plants, Sandalwood Plants and many more. Our farmers and customers are get a best quality service in very reasonable rates.


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Saisamruddi ropwatika is a Wholesale plant nursery located at Sangamner, in Nimgaon B.K, near Patingbaba Mandir, in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra 422605, IN.

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भाज्यांची रोपे
Vegetables Plants

All Types of Vegetable Plants
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फळांची रोपे
Fruits Plants

All Types of Fruit Plants
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फुलांची रोपे
Flower Plants

All Types of Flower Plants
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घरात लावण्याची रोपे
Indoor Plants

All Types of Indoor Plants
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मोठया झाडांची रोपे
Trees Plants

All Types of big Tree Plants
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Why Choose Us!!!

100% Organic

संपूर्ण सेंद्रिय प्रक्रियेद्वारे उत्पादित रोपे उपलब्ध तसेच गॅरंटीड उत्पनासाठी आम्ही कटिबद्ध आहोत.

Award Winning

शेती संबधीत विविध संस्था आणि कृषी क्षेत्रातील विविध पुरस्कारांचे आम्ही विजेते आहोत.

1) Our seed is collected purely by our qualified staff as well as dedicated, experienced local seed collectors, primarily from trusted sources.

2) We have spent the last 10 years investigating how to propagate and grow trees, plants in trays and pots while maintaining proper root structure.

Modern Farming

नवनवीन तंत्रज्ञान वापरतांना अत्याधुनिक साहित्याच्या वापरामध्यें आम्हीच आग्रेसर.

24/7 Support

आम्ही ग्राहकांसाठी सदैव उपलब्द्ध असतो. 24/7 Service.


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